The Rift EP

by The Rift

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Our first EP release hope you all enjoy :P


released June 26, 2012



all rights reserved


The Rift Los Angeles, California

We love to make rock n roll hope you enjoy it as much as we do \oo/
for more visit us at

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Track Name: Universe
I’m falling into infinity
Reaching for something beyond me
Think I see the end
Need a spark to ignite me again
Look to the sky for an answer trying to find a future
Tell me where do I belong when my dreams are my curse
Look to the stars im tryin im tryin to find a reason
I know that you’re out there somewhere ill find my universe
Can’t help feeling like I’m lost
So where do we go from here when every road is blocked
Need a sign to light the way
Track Name: Sweet Affliction

So sick of all the lies and scars you tell
One day its heaven and the next it’s hell
Do I really matter to you anyway
Am I the only one responding these days
Lead me on again
But tonight it’s going to end
Sweet affliction can I ask why
You’re killing me killing me slowly
Sweet addiction how much can you take
But I’m not I’m not going to break
You make my head feel like murder
With all the ways that you pull me under
It’s all your lies that confuse me
Tell me should I stay or should I leave

If I could take every word you say I’d turn it on you
I will break every promise I made and leave you
Track Name: Seven
Can you see what I see
The world around us is crumbling
How do we get to the other side
Only truth will set us free
Everything crashes down down down
Let it crash to pieces
Everything burns out out out
Let it burn start again
How close are we To killing our own future
Inspiration is all we need
Light remains to pierce deception
Only truth will set us free
see through the lies the corruption start this revolution
Track Name: Demons

I’m down and out again
Time is running out again
There’s an endless struggle within me
Why am I my worst enemy
Pre-chorus( climb and crawl in my mind
I fight im forced to close my eyes)
My demons they have found me
The shadows they surround me
They drag me deeper to the end
I’m falling into nothing
But I know
This is not the end
I feel my doubts take over me
Scars from the past still bleed
I swear with one last breath
To lay all my demons to rest
(second chorus -Deeper and deeper
Can I reach the surface I will rise above this)
(Bridge – I have to let go of the past I’m letting go)
Track Name: Wake
Wake verse
There’s a mark on my mind and its breaking me
I drift away in constant silence
Only your smile can bring me back

Wake me up I’m dead inside
I can rise if you’re by my side
Wake me up dead inside
With your breath I come alive
Together we’ll tear down the walls
Together we’ll light up this world
I’ve become the sick and twisted
Falling further can you save me from myself
I need a reason to hold on
Your eyes bring light back to mine
Track Name: Escape
Trapped in this desk trapped in this office and want to get away
Dreaming of turquoise beaches where the sun never fades
Then I wake up she walks by I fail to make an impression
But in my head she swims with me in azure oceans
Take my hand we’ll make our escape at sunset
Dance through the night and light up the darkness
We can leave it all behind in Mexico
Beautiful muse if only you would go
Dreaming again of clear days and skies
Long to break free of computer screens
finally I decide to ask her to join me
she just smiled an said she’d meet me there
Track Name: In Your Eyes
From every breath to every tear you shed you move me
When im down and when im out you fulfill me
I hope that this never ends
Never felt so alive
Im pushing im pushing you
Your pushing your pushing me
If you start to slip away ill bring you back bring you back
If I start to lose my mind just bring me back bring me back
Maybe if we try we can make it through this life
Make my escape in your eyes
Every day and every smile you show gives me strength
Strength to know that tomorrow isn’t so faint
Wish that I could make you see things get better
We just have to hold on till we get there
Just come a little closer
Only in your eyes