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released March 4, 2016



all rights reserved


The Rift Los Angeles, California

We love to make rock n roll hope you enjoy it as much as we do \oo/
for more visit us at

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Track Name: Deliverance

Does anybody else feel like you can’t shake what’s been plaguing you woah
Too many things hold you back it’s a person it’s a system it’s the wreckage of your past

Can we break this can we break this violence
Can we change this can we change this horizon

Sing for deliverance cause we can’t breathe we can’t breathe
And All our dreams will all our love will keep us alive and set us free

There’s a crow up above and a raven down low there’s a devil in your mind and a shadow behind you’re trying to figure out which way to go

One step forward two steps back one step forward two steps back, I gotta get back get back
Track Name: How you get down
How you get down

I must confess confess baby I’ve had eyes for you
Don’t know what it is girl it’s just something that you do
Ooh the way you strut makes me tell the truth
Lord knows I gotta little thing for you

Ooh I’m going to find out going to find out
How you get down
How youre going to wreck me around
Go ahead an just take it off
You know I need you’re love

You make a dead man come alive and feel you deep in his bones
You make a bad man want be good and save his soul

Wrap you’re arms around me I’ll set you free

You’re going to save my soul You make a dead man come alive
You’re going to save my soul You make a dead man come alive
Track Name: Worst of me
(Verse 1)
It’s the part of me that won’t get you what you need
It’s the side of me that wont help you when you bleed
I gotta say I’m not that happy for you
It’s a side of me you don’t want to meet
You know I dont give a dam about anything
You know that I wish I could change but its too late

No apologies your about to get the worst of me
cause everything I see is turning red
so don’t start it with me don’t start it with me cause I’m on the edge ya
your about to get the worst of me

(Verse 2)
Its part of me that says I’ll call, but never will
Cause I enjoy being ill
If I had any guns I would rob a bank
If you asked me for some meth I’d say no thanks
You know I don’t need to get high
when I’m already this fucked up

don’t start it don’t start it with me
I’m about to lose it
Track Name: Annabel lee
In a kingdom by the sea
I loved beyond love my Annabel lee
But angels and demons took her away from me
They sent her to the depths and kept me here in misery

In misery so I wait

These waves will pull us under
These tides will drag us down
But nothing can dissever
My heart which knows no bounds

Washed away want to be washed away with you into oblivion

Moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Stars never rise but I feel her eyes
So I hope that the night tide claims me

Through life and after death forever more
Forever more
Track Name: Desolate

Someone get me an anesthetic
So I don’t have to feel this way
I wish I was more apathetic
Just like everybody else today

So watch me as I unwind
I’m happy cause I finally lost my mind
Cant you see its raining upside down
Am I crazy enough for you now
Don’t want to be here anymore
So throw away the key and shut the door

I just want to be desolate
And left alone in my darkness my darkness

Emptiness is all I need
Cause the voices in my head keep me company
Can’t think about the memories
Just want to forget reality

I’ll say goodbye to the world
I’ll say goodbye